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Star Trek MANGA?!

Star Trek: The Manga

Wow...never thought I'd ever see this. I can't stop giggling! Fascinating indeed....

Also...sheer boredom. I have this chinese zodiac book that gives elaborate details on each animal. I decided to figure out what Spock after the precise counting(lots of it...atleast 223 years into the future), I found out he was born Year of the Sheep/Ram, his element is Metal, and his yinyang is Yang(+).

What a read was....incredible. XD

good characteristics: Artistry, Culture, Kindness, Gentleness, Intelligence, Sensitivity
bad characteristics: Fussiness, Self-Indulgence, Dependence, Sulkiness, Insecurity, Ingratiation

That's just generalization of all Rams. 90% of that, from what I know of Spock, is him to a T if you rip away his emotionless barrier. Now let's get specific with the element of the Metal Ram.

"On the face of it, Metal gives a hard edge to the Sheep character. These sheep like to pretend they are hard nuts to crack, but this is actually because they are emotionally soft as putty and need to build a protective barrier around themselves. Those who are in tune with the Metal sheep will not be taken in by this defensive strategy, rather will see right through it into their heart of gold. Metal Sheep would not need armor if they were not so vulnerable. They tend to treat others the way they privately treat themselves and can be over protective mollycoddlers to those they care for. The love of art is most noticeable about the Metal Sheep."

My jaw dropped. To me that sounded just like Spock. XD Any thoughts? Anything to add?
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