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"Tapestry"; reminds me again why I prefer Kirk...though Picard is cute too

BTW: For people who have the spacecast channel option, watch it, it's got every Trek, except for DS9...which Spike TV used to play...but I don't know if they still do and I can't find out because Spike TV's website is a massive flashy thing of FAIL.

I just watched "Tapestry", the last time I did...I was younger...and didn't get a lot of things. Now that I'm older and therefore able to notice all the nuances of Picard's social follies, I found myself burning with a deep, deep, desire, to punch him in the face.

In some other fan review, I can't remember which, young Picard the Cad was compared to James T. Kirk, which is wholly untrue and relied on the inaccurate assumption that Kirk is a womanizer, which is false. Young Picard was a two-timing tool, whereas the 'worse' that Kirk does, is serial monogamy. Kirk never sets out to bed the alien babe of the week and dump her, it's just that Kirk ends up in situations where he'll have to use his masculine wiles to seduce the alien overlady for the good of England the Federation, OR, he found a lady he intends to spend the rest of his life with, but then she is tragically killed off at the end of the episode...(Kirk's grief over his lost is so profound, that in one episode, Dr.McCoy got Spock to wipe Kirk's memory of it...)

One of the biggest reasons I always have the urge to punch Picard in the face, is that I have the impression that he's not really listening to people at all, and that when he's not speaking he's just waiting for them to give him the opening to talk over them. This is most evident in Picard's exchange with Penny Muroc. If Picard was actually listening to her, which he was not as you can tell from his vacant-eyed patronizing smile, he would have understood that what Penny wanted from him was a maturely disclosed one-night-stand with no-strings-attached. Womanizing is wrong; one should never see anyone as objects of conquest. There is nothing wrong with mutually respecting one-night-stands however, the reason that Young Picard was a cad wasn't the frequency of his sexual partners but his callous attitude towards them, a lesson which he did not learn!

Picard's treatment of Marta was absolutely cold-blooded...though now that I'm remembering how Picard's father informed Picard that he has disappointed him by dying...I'm more understanding of Picard's emotional FAIL. I don't believe that sex itself would always ruin friendships, but both sex and friendships should never been taken lightly. What did Picard meant when he said that he wished that he and Marta had something more? Friends with benefits? Lovers? Friends who resolved the sexual tension by doing it and then putting it behind them? From Marta's various reactions, it sure as heck looked like Marta wanted both of them to have a lasting romantic relationship. I have no idea what Picard wanted, but he should have figured it out beforehand, and the worse thing he could have done which he so knob-headedly went ahead and did, was to tell Marta to pretend it never happened! Picard just told Marta that she means so little to him that sexual intimacy with her could be easily written off! The Recon Button does not work that way.

I did like him at the end though, when Picard chose to die the man he did become, than something less. Choosing to spend an eternity with Q...who had been previously mocking him, took brass. It also show a great development in his emotional maturity that Picard admits that he owes Q a debt of gratitude, and when he starts to openly talk about his past with Riker. I'm beginning to see what Q and the fabulous Mrs.Troi (who is the reason I watched TNG) sees in him.

PS: Where can I find pictures of this episode? Particularly the one that would show the instant he got stabbed, like, before he starts laughing. I want to make an image marco, "There is a Nausicaan at 6 O'Clock, Do you know where your wingman is?"...because another difference between Picard and Kirk is, Kirk would have never got stabbed, Kirk wouldn't have entered a barfight against three with out some good wingman to back him. That's like, Bar Brawl 101.
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